Carnival by Tresind, the new talk of the town!

We recently entered into a space that solely took us back to India, it was the decor or the staff, no at Carnival by Tresind, it was solely the food that took us back to our days in India. 

Since we went for the pre - opening a few dishes that we tried here maybe tweaked and more dishes maybe added as well. 

To begin with and still one of my favorites was the pumpkin kulcha, I didn't know what to expect from this dish but the kulcha was so soft and the pumpkin mashed as well it was a total win.

Another dish we can't stop raving about is the makhan phal - the avacado and lime cream just melt in your mouth and it's only something that can be experienced and not really described (much similiar in experience to the pani puri from Tresind) 

As soon as we got the next dish we thought it was some sort of plate cleanser, believe it or not this is the Indian fried chicken and we could have eaten a plate of these! 

For the vegetarians, there are the cauliflower florets which are hot, crisp and go well with the chilli and coconut chutney.  

The pullinji which is a dish of the south Indian version of prawn was phenomenal, an absolute must try.  The leaf on top was too crisp and had a bit of a pungent (spicy) taste to it. 


Another hit was the dish called games of corns, which was a corn curd and coconut cutlet with a side of sweet corn's. 


Chef Himanshu came over to prepare the next dish vada pav service which J absolutely loved, the thing is I've never been a vada pav so I passed on trying but J would recommend this dish to even all the non-vegetarians! 

The utterly butterly and see food (no that isn't a typo) were both amazing, though my personal favorite was the utterly butterly since the Amul butter added a lot of flavour to the meat. 


The next dish was actually our favourite of the night: mutton dressed as lamb - the idea of creating a lamb jus nihari was just brilliant and the taste was outstanding! You should not leave here without trying this dish, it may not be great on presentation as the others but it's good good service and isn't that why you've come here? 

And for the finale we tried the dal phulkha with fresh truffle ghee that added a very different and unique taste to the dish. 

For the desserts we would highly recommend the go banana (pictured hereunder) and the kappi.  



Since we were invited to the pre-opening we don't have the prices as yet but rest assured we will be back soon to try out their cocktails as well! 


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