Dinner at Kris with a view, a fantastic view!

We were recently invited to Kris with a view to try out their theme nights, we opted to head there on a Wednesday which is also their seafood night.


We entered to a dim light restaurant showcasing the entire view of Dubai, truth be told I didn't expect the view to be as magnificent as it was. None of the pictures captured do it justice so that just mean you have to head there to check it out! 

Their menu is quite extensive and covers a huge variety of asian dishes, what I enjoyed about the restaurant is that the main dishes aren't pre-cooked and so you choose your seafood item (we opted for the scallops and prawns) - the way its cooked - we opted for pan seared and grilled and the type of sauce.


The prawns were magnificent with the green curry sauce and with a serving of rice as well, it was quite a whole dish.

The salad selection kept us company till our mains arrived and my favourite was the red snapper salad and the egg noodles.

For the dessert, I loved the smaller portions which meant there wasn't too much wastage!
The pistachio cake for me was a muss but we loved the chocolate tart, the selection of arabic sweet and the coke jelly!




The random loves: 
1. The scallops - pan seared                                                        2. The egg noodle salad
3. The chocolate tart                                                                   4. The prawns with green curry



  1. Great to see and read the reviews!

    Definitely will drop my leg on that place, seems a fancy place to wander around.


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