Our first Iftar of the season - Pind Da Dhaba, Karama

Recently we were invited by JWD events for an Iftar at Pind Da Dhaba - this actually happens to be our first Iftar of the season.

This year we've made a conscious effort to not attend iftar's where we feel there is an excess of food wastage, last year we were on an overdose of iftar's and most PR companies themselves felt bad at the amount of food that goes to waste after the iftar is complete, it's not that we are boycotting iftar's but the idea this year is to take a bit more effort and go to places that have some sort of portion control.  

So this invite was perfect, meeting new bloggers and focusing on a few items - infact their signature dish wasn't even a dish it was an amazing showcase of their lassi! 


Here is just a few examples (pictured above): strawberry, rose, kiwi, lychee, mango, black berry and coconut. There was also a raw mango and a bubble gum flavour!

We absolutely loved the mixes created here, J loved the coconut and the mango, I was an absolute die-hard fan of the lychee flavour. The lassi texture was thick and very rich but each flavour made every lassi unique. The integration of the flavour with the curd (yoghurt) is very well balanced and the lassi's aren't too sweet,

We were also offered a variety of rolls, we loved the chicken rolls, although a tad bit spicy - it was a perfect excuse to drink more lassi! 

We ended our meal with a variety of kulfi's - mango was definitely our favourite esp since this is the season for it! 

I'd definitely go back for the other flavours - especially the chocolate one. 

The random loves: 
1. The Lychee lassi                                                                                  2. The chciken katti roll
3. The mango kulfi


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