Lunch at Farzi Cafe, what a treat!

It's fair to say that the hashtag #dubaigetsfarzified is really a reflection of what is happening in City Walk 2, we were recently invited to the media opening of  Farzi cafe however due to the clash of the dates we couldn't make it and went only a few weeks ago. 

Farzi cafe has really created a name for itself in the market recently with a rating of 4.30 on Zomato and with rave reviews we were excited to see what every blogger was so excited about! 

Since this was on an invite basis the prices would need to re-checked on Zomato (all of which by the way are quite reasonable considering the presentation and location of the restaurant) 

We started off with the tempura fried prawns and these were absolutely divine - crisp batter on the out and soft on the inside - we loved these!


This was one of my favourite dishes,mainly because I was surprised by how much I liked it - I especially enjoyed the tangy-ness taste of the sauce at the base.

 I love the way the classic galouti burgers were served, the texture of he bread was extremely light and fluffy and the filling reminded me of a butter chicken, this dish is perfect for those who don't like spicy food but to be fair none of the food at Farzi was spicy which is why I was so thrilled. 

For the mains we were served Farzi's version of a deconstructed shepherd's pie, I didn't think my writing can do this dish justice, all I can say is - it has to be tried, its just that good!


    Oddly I found myself loving the beetroot as much as the meat - but like I said must try!

                We then tried the chicken shawarma biryani, I loved the way this was presented.

This was another dish I absoluely loved, simple but so finger  licking good, if I was at home this would have been gobbled up with a butter naan in a few minutes! The gravy of this dish was rich and thick and the perfectly (almost smooth texture) cooked brinjal (eggplant) took the dish to the next level. 


Oh this section - dessert! and what a presentation! 


The rasmalai tres leches was a sight for sore eyes - we loved the taste of the carrot cream and how well it was incorporated into each layer. 

Truer words have never been spoken! 


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