Indian fine dining at Peppermill, Abu Dhabi

Ofcourse I'm sure you've heard of Peppermill, they recently opened their 3rd outlet in Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Abu Dhabi. Infact this was the outlet we recently dined at. But if you haven't here's what you need to know -

1. Although primarily an Indian restaurant the cooking methods and presentation is very unique. 
2. There is a Turkish and British influence to the food served here which gives the dishes a different flavour as compared to a usual Indian dining restaurant. 

Let me explain better, here is one of their popular starters the karare palak chat, very similar to the one we tried at 25 degree north - this dish is a must try - crisp and packed with flavour, not your usual style of serving spinach.

We were also served the prawn shobra which I was least excited about actually, if you've read my blog before you know I love prawn but I've never had a prawn soup before and I was not sure what to expect. But I'm so happy chef decided to serve this to us as this dish was abound with spices yet not spicy, rich and aromatic. 

 The shikari raan (leg of lamb made hunter style - shikari meaning hunter) was spicy and was definitely loved by all the men on the table - the meat had a very raw and earthy taste to it with the masala's marinated well into the meat. 

The tandoori lobster served with a stuffed mixed seafood filling and cheese was a miss for me, the cheese sadly over-powering the lobster, however I can see it being very popular among the locals and those who don't enjoy spicy food, however I found the need for more spice in this dish. 

I think all the chicken tikka dishes here are a hit from the malai tikka to lahsuni tikka - the method of cooking the chicken is fantastic ensuring somehow the inner of the chicken is so tender it easily pulls apart upon eating, do try any of them and let me know. 

I loved the richness of the broccoli and zucchini mussallam - this dish goes perfect with some crisp buttered naan. 

Another table favourite was the tawa paneer katta pyaz - which had a bit of a bitter taste to it however not over- powering the saltiness of the paneer. 

The pasliyon ka salan is extremely reasonably priced for some smoked lamb legs (AED 60.00),  this was definitely J's favourite dish of the evening, and I love the potato mash served with the gravy. 

The flourless chocolate torte was nutty and rich garnished with a rose dust, each bite weighing you down as all good chocolate should. 

The rose and black pepper kulfi shown above (sorry this was the best pic we could get as it was melting away) which is a chef's recommendation as well was smooth and creamy and a perfect ending to dishes served with a twist. 

Also I forgot to mention earlier, the drinks here are really good and very refreshing the best being the saffron and rose lassi. 

The random loves: 
1. The karare chat - AED 26.00                                        2. The prawn shobra AED 28.00
3. The rose and saffron lassi AED 18.00                    4. Flourless chcolate torte AED 26.00


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