Dinner at Logma, Box park

Recently Logma celebrated their 1st year anniversary and like so many other bloggers we too were invited to try out the dishes.


Reading the menu prior, I realized their strong points really are their starters and the dessert, want to know if we were right? Read on!

We tried the lomga shake and the Atlantis and I absolutely loved the Logma shake, I haven't seen anyone else rave about it and I have no clue why - this drink is absolutely amazing although very rich so you won't be able to eat much later.

Ofcourse the super seller of this restaurant is the Logma fries, and rightfully so although a bit oily there's nothing to not love about this simple dish! 


The pomegranate mozzarella also has a mix of fresh greens, I love the bursts of flavour as soon as you bite into the cherry tomatoes. 

For the mains we opted for the khameer sandwiches only, I'm not a falafel lover at all so J opted for that while I took the chicken mozzarella sandwiches which is perfect if you don't handle spice well (like me)  

 For the dessert we were recommended to try their new item the rahash fondant which oozed of dark chocolate as soon as split it and ofcourse it wouldn't be an Emariti dinner if we didn't end with some luqaimat (which is a a traditional dish of fried dumplings topped with honey)

So yes for me, the starters drinks and desserts are definitely the highlight of this restaurant.

The random loves:

1. The logma shake (AED 32.00)                     2. The chicken morzarella khameer (AED 38.00)
3. The rahash foundant (AED 44.00)                                          4. The lugaimat (AED 34.00)     


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