Yes, The Collective at Grand Hyatt is one of the top 5 brunches in Dubai!

The Collective recently opened in Grand Hyatt and the name is so apt since this place is really a collection of restaurants. For me and J personally this has to be one of the best brunches we've been to - it really is at par with Feast 

Here's what I loved about The Collective - every counter is a live station, from the saj (bread) to your grilled meats. You HAVE TO go here on an empty stomach, with so much of variety and the desire to try everything even breakfast before visiting here for dinner isn't a good idea! :) 

Like I mentioned the options here are endless, so I'm just going to list down a few of the items I think you must try - 

1. The mountain tomato salad (pictured hereunder) 


2. The lamb kebabs 

Excuse the poor quality of the pics, but take my word - these kebabs will melt in your mouth

3. The Kheema pav 

Instantly transported back to Mumbai, must must try! 

4. The fresh Saj (picture not available) 

Our saj with fresh cheese was brought to our table with the cheese bursting at the edges. 

5. The prawn cutlet (pictured hereunder) 

5. The beetroot and apple salad (picture not available) 

The beetroot and apple salad with feta and a light berry dressing was perfection. 
                                        6. The Pistachio and cream cake (pictured below)

          Though I'm not usually a fan of pitachio's this cake was so creamy, I'd order a full cake of it!

                              7. Easter rose drink - just go to the bar and ask them - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Personally I feel The collective is a great place to bring a large group as they can each choose what counter they prefer and the choices are endless, really - really! 


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