Perfect meat,corn bread and amazing bread pudding, lunch at Famous Dave, AUH

We had been earlier invited to the opening of Famous Dave's and due to work commitments couldn't make it so this time when we were in AUH we decided to check them out. 

First impressions - you forget you're in a mall! The restaurants has a very American theme to it with wooden tables, big frames and logs of wood selectively placed. 

Now lets get to the reason why you're here: THE FOOD! 

Our server for lunch was Roy and the reason I'm mentioning his name is because by far he was one of the most attentive waiter we've met and because all his recommendations were spot on! 

Like when we started he suggested we try the berrylicious drink and the grilled pineapple mojito, he was spot on! The berrylicious was sweet and refreshing and just a perfect way to start the meal.

He then went on to suggest we try the traditional wings with buffalo sauce - again he was correct! These were one of the best wings I've had - the sauce had the perfect amount of spice and all I wanted was to order a party platter of these instead of a basket. Believe me you would too.

For the mains we opted for the All American BBQ feast (pictured below) which is served on a dustbin lid because that's how Chef Dave (aka Famous Dave) had started serving and selling his BBQ. I absolutely loved that idea that so many years the same idea was in-cooperated into his restaurants.

Now beware the All American BBQ feasts is easily good for 4-5 people or 2 people and a lot of takeaway (case in point: us!) 
The lamb served on the platter is the only place in GCC to spoke it's lamb and J - one bite in he couldn't stop eating it. I felt the same way about my brisket served on a toast, though I felt my toast stole some of my tasty marinade I got it back when I ate that toast
 (showed him who's boss - sad joke - please keep reading) 

I'm not a fan of mac and cheese so I can't be fair in saying it was either bad or good, I am however a fan of coleslaw and that was some good coleslaw. 

Here was the back rib served to us, no sauce or anything like that - just well cooked meat resting in the initial marinade. For me it didn't need any sauce too, one bite in and we got the saltiness and the juice of the meat - amazing. The meat is so tender so don't be surprised when it just falls off the bone. 

For the dessert, we requested for really small portions which they were nice enough to get. 

Oh wait - did I forget to mention about the corn bread?
Try the corn - bread - the corn bread is good, really good but remember it's made like how it is in the US so it will be a bit on the sweeter side, which oddly enough went really well with the brisket and some wedges. 

Ok coming back to the dessert, we loved the bread pudding and the banana pudding. The bread pudding was served with a delectable pecan praline sauce. Must try! 



We want to specially thank Chef Jean Strauss firstly for some good meat! and also for the tour of the kitchen and also to Anoop Ravindran, the restaurant manager for great service and entertaining all our questions.

The randoms loves: 
1. The berrylicious (AED 22.00)                                        2.The wing basket (AED 36.00)
          3. The short ribs (AED 99.00)                                            4. The bread pudding (AED 24.00)                                                    


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