Great service and amazing chicken, dinner at Galito's Dubai

We were recently invited to try out Galito's in Business bay and with our GPS turned on (you'd need GPS to find this place unless your familiar with the Business bay area ) we headed there after a long day at work.

We were welcomed with two drinks the African blues and the Laranja - I preferred the African blues - although sweeter its very refreshing after a long day at work! 

For the starters we tried the Chick-e-naise which is really loaded with chicken and cheese - a slice of these and we were quite full and we were happy to see it was only AED 24.00 

 I also heard rave reviews of the chicken liver which we will go back to try as J wants to! 

Before we go into the mains, I've heard of people comparing Nando with Galito's, I won't be going down that road as its been awhile (over 5 years) since I've been to Nando's.

So for the mains we opted for the grilled chicken (duh!) and the chicken and prawn combotada, both these dishes were highly recommended  by our server of the evening (again great service is truly part of the dining experience) 


The chicken and the prawn served was so tender and succulent that it was breaking as soon as the fork hit it. Initially when served we found the portion quite small however as we began to eat it with the side veggies and fries - we had to pack up the rest!

The quarter grilled chicken however was definitely one of the best dishes of the evening, the skin keeping all the flavour of the grilled chicken and really bursting when bit into. We would definitely be going back for that!

Galito's also has a set of sauces (presented at the table or that can be brought for as low as AED 12/-) my favourite was the lemon and herb (clearly I have a very low tolerance for spice!)

The highlight of evening however was the dessert, I was not expecting much but Chef Rakesh Pandey insisted we try the sticky toffee pudding with ice - cream. I'm so happy we did - so so happy! 
This dessert was rich and gooey and I can go on really, in short a must try <3 nbsp="" p="">

We also loved the double chocolate fudge cake but again sticky toffee pudding, don't leave without trying it!  

The random loves: 
1. The sticky toffee pudding (AED 22.00)                                      2. The chick-e-nasie (AED 24.00)
3. Quarter chicken with one side (AED 29.00)                               


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