Dinner at Paul's with L, Wafi


I recently went for dinner with L - L loves food, I love food, hence L and me are now friends! 
*L really is a real person :) 

Moving on, we recently went to Paul's for dinner. I'm not going to introduce Paul's - it really needs no introduction. Paul's has 18 outlets in UAE alone, and I personally feel it's moe famous for its bakery and sandwiches and coffee. However we here recently for dinner so I finally got to explore the menu a bit more.

We started our dinner with the french onion soup served in a bread basket - the portion is very hearty and can be easily shared by two. It was my first time trying it and I absolutely loved, I would go back for this amazing soup! I can imagine their chicken and mushroom soup would be just as hearty!

We then opted for a salade crabe et samoun (pictured above) was crab sticks and Scottish smoked salmon served on a bed of perfectly ripe avocado, fresh rocket and tomato slices. The salad was good - really good infact, but nothing that stood out, just a really good salad - perfect for lunch time. 


For the mains we opted for the tagliatelle au poulet sauce pistou - which was creamy and rich and a really big portion, well worth the AED 55.00 as it could be shared by two.  

For the desserts we opted for the mille feuille and a lemon tart which were both great but I think it needed a bit more resting time before being served, since due to the cold the crust of both was extremely hard but as soon as we reached home we realized they were perfect! 

Told you  L was real - those are her hands! :) 


The random loves: 
1.The french onion (AED 28.00)                              2. tagliatelle au poulet sauce pistou (AED 55.00) 
3. The mille feuille (AED 19.00)                                                                                                              


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