The amazing burrata, dinner at 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

Located in Deira City Center, 800 Degrees Pizzeria has been getting rave reviews.
It's conveniently named 800 since that's the temperature the pizza is baked at. 


                         Quirky menu's and friendly staff - we found service to be top notch!

The burrata combination priced at AED 32.00 seemed too tempting to refuse and I'm so glad M ordered it - since it was really fabulous.



Ofcourse we were here mainly for the pizza's (though we'd go back for the burrata too now!)
The concept is really simple - either choose from a pre-selected pizza from the menu or make your own - in true Subway style.  

Here's a quick scroll - down of what the ordering line is like - 

Ofcourse we thought the pizza's were great since we created them haha! 
What would you have as toppings for your pizza? 

                                               We ended our meal with some Mango sorbet.



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