Opening of Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar - Golden mile, Palm Jumeriah

Recently Alison Nelson opened another branch of the famous brand - The Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar. 

Now before we go any further if you follow my blog you'll know I'm not a huge chocolate fan 
(P.s: If this is the first post you're reading - Hello!) 

But when we got the invite one of the main reason's we wanted to attend was because Alison Nelson herself would be at the event - The opening of the new branch on the Golden mile in Palm Jumeriah.

What I anticipated would be a place for only chocolate loves turned out to be so much more. 

Here's a picture (below) of what I mean - 

The Kofta sandwhich was one of the best dishes - perfectly seasoned meat. We also loved the cheese and carrot glazed pastry - each element was constructed beautifully and together this little pastry got gobbled down! 

The cream cheese and roast meet tart was delicious - which made me realize they have a huge selection of great sandwiches available here. 

A table favourite was the chocolate truffle cake - this dessert just melts away as soon as the spoon hits it. Rich and gooey this dessert is a must try and perfect with a side of ice - cream. 

My personal favourite was the chocolate fondant - the chocolate here isn't too sweet and went perfectly well the fresh strawberries and berries available.  Also - watch out the first bite maybe hot! (hehe!)  

The menu selection is quite huge and we'd definitively head back to try out a few more of the main dishes, their menu can easily be found on Zomato too - link here

What's your favourite dish? 

The random loves -  

1. The Chocolate fondant (AED 61.00)                              2. The Chocolate truffle cake (AED 48.00) 


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