Dinner at Just Salad in Box Park - A much healthier dinner option!

We were recently invited to visit Just Salad in Box Park (one of its newest branches) - the concept is very Subway or now 800 Degrees like. You choose the items you want in your salad - choose a size and voila! 


I love how quick our salad was cut up and served! 

You can also opt for a roll, which are humongous and filled with nutrients to your liking - again Subway like concept. 

Here is the meal we ended up with and let me stress again how easily the salad can be shared by two! 

Another reason we loved this place was the service was quick - even though everything was being made in real time the staff was very efficient and was easily able to handle multiple customers. 

What is your go-to salad place? Do let me know in the comments below. 


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