A first of its kind a truly Levantine brunch, Olea Restaurant

We were recently invited to the opening of Olea in Mall of the Emirates and the first thing that caught our eye was the colorful dessert counter! (pictured here under) 

But we'll come back to that in a bit. 

Simple yet impacting presentations not only on the food but even on the restaurant decor was clearly visible. 


Our favourite counters as we started our food selection was the fresh manakish and the falafel live station. 

The skewers of well seasoned meats and freshly baked bread with hummus was refreshing.

And ofcourse I loved their lentil soup - authentic and full of flavour. 

Coming back to their dessert counter - Did I mention they had two?
One filled with all chocolate delights - mini eclairs, cupcakes, cakes and lollipops  - the other with more arabic based desserts. Both in my opinion were fantastic. 


Did I forget to mention they had a choco-strawberry fountain?! 

I'd highly recommend this brunch to someone travelling from abroad and is keen to try authentic Arabic foods. 

Do let me if you've tried it and what did you think?


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