Giardino, Brunch at Palazzo Versace

We were recently invited to try out the newly launched Friday brunch at Giardino in Palazzo Versace. We'd had previous been to Vanitas and we loved it! You could read more of that experience here.

With a huge variety being spread our favourite stations were the sushi and the live stations for the meats and seafood. 


We cannot stress enough how amazing the lobster from here was and with a dollop of butter the taste was only enhanced further. 

The brunch priced at AED 350 per person also gives you pool access for the day, perfect for a sipping on a cocktails. 
We loved all the cocktails been served, like the one pictured below -

We hoped to have the same texture of Italian food as we did in Vanitas, sadly the Italian station was a dis-appointment with pasta that was a little to al-dente!  

We loved however the dessert counter, and 10 on 10 points for creativity, from an ice - cream cart with freshly made waffle cones to their amazing take on the traditional apple pie (pictured in green hereunder), yes we absolutely loved it! 


I'd highly recommend Giardino for their meats and lobsters and their dessert counter - definitely the   lobster! :) 


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