Vanitas - Italian all the way! Dining in Palazzo Versace

Palazzo Versace doesn't need any introduction really, the name Versace already speaks volumes for itself. However Dubai got lucky recently when they decided to open their new hotel here.

Fairly new the hotel stands out in one distinctive feature: SERVICE - something I feel will remain constant. Friendly service and big smiles, we were already in love with the place.

We started our evening with the signature mocktail, the Salerno cooler which was refreshing and will definitely be a hit in the hotter months as well.

We were then served the ricotta tortelli which was fabulous, simple and presented elegantly in true Versace style this dish was perfect and amazing for even a vegetarian.

The next dish was definitely my favourite of the night, seared scallops with stracciatella, baby fennel and lobster carol. This dish had no fault. 

Cooked to perfection, the scallops alone were done perfectly and everything else on the plate was a bonus point. 

We ended our evening with an affogato. It's really how this dish was served that got all the brownie points really. Just look at the image below. 

This is before the piping hot espresso was poured over.We'd give this a 10 on 10 for presentation!

Overall, with great service and great food, Versace is going to be a regular name for stylish and elegant dining.

The random loves:

1. The affogato (AED 55.00)                                                           2. Ricotta Tortelli (AED 75.00)
3. scallops with stracciatella                                                                                                               


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