The Hot dog stand, Dubai Marina

A no - frills restaurant, the Hot dog stand recently has been on everyone's radar since its launch. 
We decided to visit them sometime last week and we were pleasantly surprised. 

The menu is simple and it really is all about the hot dog's! 


We started with the jalepeno cheese bombers and the mini cheese balls, the jalepeno cheese bombers were delicious (however it had a bit more vinegar taste and less spice) and J loved the mini cheese balls. 

Ofcourse the spot light was really on the next part of our meal - the hot dog's!
These 7 inch hot dog's were superb! 

My personal favourite was the Mexican and J loved the Monster hot dog. 


The mexican had all my favourite ingredients, I particularly loved the fresh guacamole mixed with the sour cream. This mixture just added to the perfectly cooked angus beef hot dog. Priced at AED 23.00 too, this dish doesn't break the wallet and definitely fills you up! 


We also tried the cheese coney with the chicken hot dog, however I've never been a fan of chicken hotdogs, hence the preference for the beef (so happy they had angus beef!)

The Monster hot dog too was just as good and equally filling and I loved the addition of beetroot!  We also opted for a side of the fries and coleslaw (P.S: best coleslaw ever!) and the ziggy fries were perfectly salted and fried to a crisp. 

     The random loves: 
1. The Pink lemonade (very similar to Snapple - delicious!) AED 8.00  
   2. The coleslaw AED 6.00                                                          3. The Mexican: AED 23.00
4. The Monster Hot dog (AED 21.00)        


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