Hot Pot dining experience at Benjarong, Dusit Thani

For the month of January, Benjarong in Dusit Thani has a promotion running for their Hot Pot menu. 

The main three options re veg, meats and seafood, as usually we opted for the seafood. 

Here's what you get, its pretty straight forward really: 

1. A hot pot mixed with Thai spices in a fragrant broth
2. A tray of fresh veggies to be dunked into your hot pot. 
3. A mix of seafood items that can be boiled as well. 

Incase you haven't tried hot pot, here is a perfect place to start with the server explaining each item before you let them boil. 

Eventually what you end up with is a giant boiling bowl of soup, that can be served in your individual bowls, a perfect light dinner but not compromising on flavour. 

Ofcourse we also re-order the shrimp cakes because we just loved it the previous time! (It's not part of the hot-pot offer) 

A must try dish! 

We ended our dinner with the sticky mango which was difficult to share since it was so fresh and sweet! 


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