Go gyroz, the new greek restaurant in JLT

This is Go Gyroz, the new restaurant recently opened in JLT and one of the few restaurant's offering Greek options in Dubai. 

On entering, the staff greeted us politely and with warm smiles showed us our menu. The menu is quite simple and I would recommend the gyro plate, the meat is absolutely tender. 

But let's start at the beginning, firstly we loved the in-house made hummus which was better than having it with ketchup anyday! That's the local child in me I guess, haha!   


The plate. 

Oh how we loved the meat, there is the option of having all chicken too but if you eat meat, you have to try this meat which is specially imported. 

We also tried the Mayan myth, which was too spicy for me but J loved it! The mix of sauces used here is really the highlight and all sauces are made inhouse as well.


We ended our meal on a sweet note though nothing to rave about, we'd be back for that gyro plate! 

The random loves: 

1. The mix of hummus and fries                                                       2. The gyro plate (all meat)


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