Crumble - Simple ingredients - great food!

I love a bloggers evening and our recent visit to Crumble cafe was everything we loved. To start off I got to meet Nadia from Melange (fan-girl moment really, all her work is so pretty!) 

Crumble has recently been in my list of "need to visit places" after a reading a few good reviews and talking to other bloggers, the concept is cafe like, very relaxed and perfect for breakfast (so I'm told!) 

I'm not a huge fan of figs but the sun-dried tomatoes served on toasted bread topped with fig slices were absolutely delicious!

We also got to sample their salad menu which was amazing, a huge variety catering to everyone's needs! Also for all their mains we noticed a common trait: huge portions! 

The grilled halloumi with chick peas and beetroot was good but maybe a better dressing would have helped. 

Ofcourse I loved the prawn salad, it had a very distinct Thai flavour to it and the dressing was absolutely delicious, the only one I've tasted this good was from Mo's at Citywalk.

Sadly the quinao salad didn't impress me too much, though it was loved by the others. 

The slightly roasted peaches with baby spinach and goat's cheese was one of my favourite salad's! Each item really complemented the others. 

For the mains (though we were already quite full with the salad) we ordered the waygu burger and the prawn taco's. 

The burger was juicy and ofcourse huge, we loved the inhouse made brioche bun but the star of the evening was definitely our prawn taco's! 

The prawn taco's were light and perfectly seasoned, served with lime wedges for a sour twist, sour cream for extra richness and a small portion of salad. Again with 4 portions on a  plate priced at 
AED 52.00 which can easily be shared by two - this dish was a steal! 

We ended our evening with the fried oreo's with vanilla ice-cream which was definitely unique, I'm not an Oreo fan so I wouldn't go back and get these but this was a huge hit on the table for 
everyone else. 

The random loves:

1. The prawn taco's (AED 52.00)                                       2. The roasted peach salad (AED 49.00)
3. Truffle Parmesan fries (AED 25.00)                              4. Pomelo and prawn salad (AED 51.00)                                        


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