A taste of Mexico: La Tablita, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights.

The vibe is just different walking into La Tablita, I can't really put a finger on it but the vibe is happy almost joyful. 

I think this had to with the atmosphere created by our waiters, from a warm welcome from Jessica to our servers (all Mexican btw) everyone seemed happy there and with the amazing food we were served I can understand why. 

La Tablita is the new restaurant in Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights which happens to be quite new as well really! 

I'll get to the good stuff now: THE FOOD! 

With a simple yet exquisite menu we were actually very spoilt for choice, I'm a huge taco fan and luckily the first part of their menu is all taco's - literally a Taco shop! 

We loved the Al pastor and the dorado (both chicken based) they were crispy and packed with burst's of flavour! We also tried the Arrachera taco and the pescado (both beef and fish based respectively) however both were a miss for me but J enjoyed (a.k.a gobbled) it all up. 

The prawn ceviche (although a bit tangy for J's liking) was something I thoroughly enjoyed with the nacho chips. 

The avacado Tiradito was a perfect starter, as simple as it gets: avacado mixed with cucumber and green tomato - absolutely perfect! 

For the mains we selected the flat beef tenderloin (medium well) as per our server recommendation and it was perfection. The seasoning of the meat was executed perfectly and was fleshly in the center.
It was served as small cut-up pieces which is very different from the way hotel's usually serve it here. 

For desserts we tried the Tres Leches and churros with chocolate sauce and a serving of the sour  ice-cream, yes sour cream ice-cream! 

Apparently our waiter explained in Mexico you can get all version of ice-cream even cheese! 

                             The random loves: (I think this is the longest list we've ever done!)

1. The al pastor (AED 15.00)                                                       2. The dorado (AED 15.00)
3. The aguacate (AED 40.00)                                                       4. Flat beef tenderloin 
5. Tres Leches with jalapeƱo ice cream


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