A mexican dining experience - Cantina Laredo, Abu Dhabi

We visited Cantina Loredo last year (which is actually just a few days ago actually) in Khaldiya mall. 

Here's our experience! 

The vibe of the restaurant is very mexican, bold colours, bar style setup (however no alcoholic beverages are available) and friendly waiters. 

We started our evening with the drinks, the table favorite being the pina-colado!

For the starters we chose the guacamole which was made infront of us and was absolutely delicious! 

The end product!
We also got the laredo's fries which ofcourse were fabulous! I mean you can't go wrong with fries, meat, cheese and sour cream no?

For the mains we opted for the Seafood platter and the pollo chipotle. Both these dishes were delicious, the cream sauce served with chicken enhanced the flavour of the chicken too and reminded of a similar dish served at Chili's 

The seafood platter is really for someone like me who loves seafood, crisp calamari and well sauteed prawns with a cocktail dipping sauce, I absolutely would go back for this dish. 

The Mexican brownie served sizzling hot with ice cream was gooey and rich and a delicious end to our meal!

The random loves:

1. Top shelf guacamole (AED 46.00)                                            2. Laredo fries (AED 39.00)
3. The seafood platter (AED 79.00)                                              4. Mexican brownie (AED 39.00) 


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