More than just chai, our dining experience at Cha Cha Chai, Deira


Now that I have your attention - Here's my dining experience at Cha Cha chai's.

Having arrived here one late evening for dinner I was looking for a chilled out vibe of a "tea shop", what I got was so much more. 

We started our dinner with a chilli cheese toast - simple and perfect! 
A surprising favourite was the chicken ceaser roll which we were expecting to be bland, but it was quite the opposite with flavoured chicken and fresh greens, this turned out to be our favourite dish of the evening. 

The kheema sandwhich although a bit spicy was a perfect "Mumbai kheema sandwhich" authenthic to its flavours it was a sandwhich that we felt was imported straight out of a Mumbai station! 

I'm not a fan of Vada Pav's - not at all infact but our server insisted we try their vada pav's which are one of their best sellers. I can see why. Maybe it was because it was hot and perfectly toasted, but this was one of the best vada pav's (not like I've had a lot) I've tasted.  

The chicken omelette too was light and fluffy and definitely a great way to start the day. 

A biryani and coke combo priced at AED 18.00 

Ofcourse our main intention for coming here was the Chai! and we were definitely not dis-appointed. I'm a huge zafrani chai lover and the chai here was perfectly prepared, not too milky but spot on with the flavour.

Since it was a weekend and we visited the branch which is busiest during office hours, we really got undivided attention from our friendly servers. Cha Cha Chai we will be back for more! 

The Random loves:

1. The Kheema sandwhich (AED 14.00)                                 2. The chicken ceaser roll (AED 14.00)
3. The vada pav (AED 7.00)                                                     4. The zafrani chai (AED 5.00)                               


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