Starters that would make us keep going back for more, Dinner at 25 Degree North

 A long time ago we received an invite to dine at 25 Degree North - between the pictures being missing for so long and a crazy rush of invitations recently here is a very much delayed review for our dinner experience of 25 degree North.

We started our dinner with the much talked about "palak patta chaat" which is amazing and a must try! The dish is made of crispy flash fired spinach leaves and then garnished with a yogurt. Sweet and a perfect way to begin your meal at an Indian restaurant. 

Another starter which was actually vegetarian but was so good even a hard core new veg would love it was the dahi ki kebab (which is essentially a sweet yogurt based kebab) We could have easily had 3 (I know I want to say 4) portions of these! 

I'm not a huge fan of mutton but R absolutely the mutton sheekh kebab's which was really a melt in your mouth dish for him.


 For the mains a simple Dal Tadka was cooked to absolute perfection. Normally dal isn't something I would blog about but this dish was worth raving about! Even Abhishek (Our very friendly server ) vouched for good this dish is even among other customers. 

The Dum nariali prawns was also quite exquisite - usual this is served in a tender coconut to enhance the flavour sadly it wasn't available on the day I went.  But being a prawn lover the dish was definitely upto par. 

Our uniquely served biryani


We ended our meal with the best shahi tudka I've ever eaten - served hot this dish is essentially fried bread soaked in milk, sugar and cream. Sinfully delicious! 

The Random loves: 

1. The palak patta chaat (AED 19.00)                               2. The Dahi ke kebab (AED 28.00) 
3. Dum nariali prawns (AED 59.00)                                 4. Shahi tudka (AED 19.00) 


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