Media Invite: Picante Restaurant, Four Points Sheraton, Bur Dubai

Walking into Picante has a very rustic-home feeling to it, open seating spaces and long tables. I loved that there was a open kitchen here as well. We were invited here with other food bloggers to try out the new menu and setup of Picante. 

Chef Goncalo walked us through the menu and it was great to see his love for food as well as he explained each dish to us. 

 We were first served a shot of gazpacho and a watermelon and pineapple salad. I wasn't a big fan of the salad - just generally not a fan of salad's with strawberries.

We were also served the chicken peri-peri  which was delicious, bite size chicken pieces poked on mini skewers. The chicken went perfectly well with the charcoal grilled veggies. 

Obviously for me the Gambas A la Guilho which is essentially shrimp sautaed with  olive oil, garlic coriander and red chili was  the best entree. I always love when the chef allows the seafood (in this case the shrimp) speaks for the dish instead of the sauces or dressing. Simple and perfect - a must try!


For the mains we were offered a seafood rice, this was creamy and served with fresh clams, prawns and mussels, perfect for a seafood lover but if seafood isn't your thing then the mushroom rice was just as amazing. 

I love Meghna's review of the food as well, a vegetarian's perspective: 

Before I go any further if you're a wine lover you need to know, Picante has the best sangria I've ever had! I started off with the red wine sangria which I thought was amazing until I tasted the white wine sangria which was even better! An absolute must try. 

Another crowd favourite was the grilled king prawns placed on a bed of juicy mushrooms, this was gobbled down in a few minutes 

 Chef  Goncalo and his team then surprised us with this mille feuille of vegetables. I absolutely loved this dish and it went extremely well with the perfectly slightly salted mashed potato which it was placed on.

For desserts we headed to the ground floor where we were each served a personalized platter of Mini pasties de nata (portugese custard tarts), a tantalizing chocolate mousse and a perfectly cream filled fruit tart. 

Here's to tease you some more! 


Portuguese tart

Ofcourse 4 points Sheraton spoilt us some more and got us another personalized  cake - J loved this as well, I mean who wouldn't! 

The random loves: 
 1. The Gambas A la Guilho                                                          2. The Sangria (either red or white)
  3. The mushroom and seafood rice                                               4. The Mini pasties de nata                                                          



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