Cupcakes from Hunny Bunny's Cake Factory

Awhile back we got a delivery of some amazing cupcakes by Hunny Bunny's Cake Factory which were presented beautifully. Perfect for a gift too! 

We tried their Happy Hi-hat, the Naughty nutella, Crazy caramel, Adorable apple and Vivid velvet all priced at AED 12.00. 

We loved the Happy Hi Hat - moist and creamy this was our favourite cupcake. A surprise love was the adorable apple with tiny chunks of apples inside the cupcake too, we loved how irresistibly good this cupcake was. 

The salted caramel sadly didn't live upto the hype I had created for it in my head, but it was good nonetheless. The naughty nutella was rich and decadent - definitely a crowd pleaser. 

I recently saw they have these adorable rainbow cupcakes priced at AED 16.00 perfect for a baby shower I'd think! 

                Do try them out and let me know what you think? 

The random loves:
1. The adorable apple (AED 12.00)                                               2. The Happy Hi- hat (AED 12.00)  


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