A not so "Hidden Gem" anymore - Our dinner at Moshi, Barsha


Moshi has been creating quite a buzz and its hard to imagine that this restaurant is only a few months old. We heard of this restaurants a few weeks ago at a Zomato event and we're so glad we got an invite almost immediately. 

Although the restaurant is small it's actually one of the things I liked about it, it had a very causal and homely feel to it. We met Khush who let us sample a little bit of everything, this was our first dish: the air rolls (Lettuce and rice rolls filled with chunks of chicken) 

Although this is a healthier option (its not like the other sushi options are deep fried haha!) the rolls are quiet filling and one plate of this dish leaves you pretty full. 

We were then offered a sample platter consisting of Cheesy chips oman, falafel and cucumber, prawn tempura and chicken tikka. No surprise here the prawn tempura was my favourite, crisp and perfectly wrapped these bite sized rolls were perfection! 


The soft shell crab was another favourite - crispy chunks of crab mixed with flavoursome ripe avacado bits, I loved the seafood options available here. 

The chicken tikka maki roll was as good as eating the sandwich, packed with well marinated chicken and a mix of spices, this dish was superb! 

The surprise however was the cheesy chips oman, while others have raved about this dish I didn't quite expect to agree with them, ofcourse that was because I hadn't tried them. These are deliciously addictive as well (another plate had to be ordered) and a must try. 

                         The cheesy chips oman priced at AED 21                                   
But if sushi isn't you thing then Momo's has to be (right?!), with three options: steamed, pan - fried or fried the list of veg and non veg momo's are great! If you like spice then the pero-pero chicken or mushrooms are delicious.  

J loved the chicken and spinach pan - fried and I loved the potato, cheese and corn pan - fried ones, the prawn momo's too were packed with flavour and didn't even need a dipping sauce.


We ended our meal with peanut butter bars which are absolutely delicious, not too much of chocolate which is perfect for me cause I'm not a huge chocolate lover.

Peanut butter bars priced at AED 13.00
But if you're a Nutella lover like Khush oh this dish would be your chocolate heaven, warm maki rolls stuffed and topped with nutella, really worth the penny.

Speaking of the penny, it was so refreshing to find a Sushi place that didn't have starting prices of AED 45.00! An average sushi here costs anywhere between AED 20.00 to 30.00 - even for the seafood ones. 

   The Random loves: 

  1. The prawn tempura (AED 28.00)                                    4. Cheesy chips oman (AED 21.00)
  2. Potato, cheese and corn momo (AED 16.00)                  5. Pero pero chicken (AED 19.00)
  3. Nutella Maki rolls (AED 14.00) 


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