Well that's a first: The Gyro from Original Wings & Rings, DIFC

Groovy tunes, dim lights and a huge screen showing the match - that's what got our attention when we stepped into Original Rings and Wings a week back. The restaurant is a typical sports bar but not the one where only the boys go to watch a match, no this place has a little for everyone (even if sports isn't your thing) 

We walked in on Ladies night (where 3 free drinks for ladies are available), they have a deal for almost every night including Karaoke and a Friday brunch! 

Ofcourse we were here for one thing: the wings! 

Cristina really helped us out with these, but the Crazy sauce definitely my favourite (we could also choose how spicy we wanted it) and of course we loved our wings with the bone in :) There is about 10 sauces to choose from and their spicy really means business. 

J also wanted to try the "One million" which Original wings and rings takes no responsibility for once you've eaten it - quite honestly I don't blame them,just a whiff of the sauce and I could feel the heat! 

With all his strength J managed to nibble his way through half of the wing - but that's as far as he could go. If you love spice this is definitely the dish for you! 

We also tried the buffalo chicken nacho's which I completely underestimated - their portion was huge and so delicious. 

Crisp nacho's smothered with creamy cheese sauce and spicy jalepeno's
But here it is readers my favourite dish of the evening: The Gyro (reminded me of the doner from Doner Kebab) 


Soft bread (which even remained soft after refrigeration and re-heating), well season meat and a perfectly rich sauce. This dish is a must try and of course the curly fries were a bonus. 

We ended our meal on a sweet note (they have a small but scrumptious little dessert selection) 


What we loved about this place is that although it is a typical sports bar you are offered a bit more, for us this is a perfect place to unwind  after a stressful day at work and their Friday bruch sounds quite enticing! 

                                                                    Our random loves: 

1. Hand breaded jalepeno chips (AED 45.00)                   2. The buffalo chicken nacho's (AED 55.00)
3. Bone-in wings with crazy sauce (AED 65.00)              4. The gyro (AED 49.00)

            But be warned the buffalo chicken nacho's is easily a 2 -3 person shared dish!


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