Great service and a curry leaf icecream? Our dining experience at Junoon, Shangri La

First impressions: Under my chair was a platform to keep my bag! I was happy. 

The spiced tequila 

As we were seated, Yakshat led us through the menu but from seeing so many other bloggers being invited here as well we knew that one dish which was a must try was the eggplant chaat. 


Ofcourse Yakhsat recommended the same as well. The chaat was simplicity but simplicity at its best: thin slices of Japanese eggplants flash fried to a crisp topped with strings of yogurt and sweet tamarind sauce.

An absolute must try!

Another starter worth mentioning is their new watermelon salad, this is an alternate to their summer mango salad, which I've heard is quite popular as well. 

For me this salad was a mix of spice and cooling sweet watermelon. Fresh cubes of watermelon topped with foam watermelon and melon balls, this salad is perfect for the summer heat.

Another table favourite worth mentioning is the chicken malai tikka, although this is a common dish at any Indian restaurant this dish was served with a broccoli puree instead of the usual mint chutney. 


For the mains Yakshat did a fabulous job with the ordering, he highly recommended the Tamilian fish curry and he was right - this dish was delicious and the first to disappear from the table! 

  Can you spot the fish curry? :D 


I was quite intrigued to try the "scotch curry" which is simply nali goat cooked in green cardamom mace curry and infused with scotch. Simply delicious! Another dish worth mentioning is the black lentil daal which we loved as well.  The brussels matar sadly wasn't to my liking but J really enjoyed it (I think it gave him a break from all the meat! ) 

For the dessert we opted for the kulfi tasting platter, 3 varieties of icecream's: pink guava, cardamon and curry leaf - yes curry leaf! For me the curry leaf ice cream was a miss, but J really enjoyed it. It was exactly like Yakshat had said, the guests always go 50/50.

Our favourite dessert however was the chocolate pot, which is basically a chocolate pot placed on a bed of ice cream  containing the rabri which flows out as soon as you crack it! The jelly discs and the falooda made this dish a must try.


          Quite honestly I didn't even need the chocolate the falooda alone was so delicious!

                                                                    Our random loves:
1. The egg plant chaat (AED 45.00)                                       2. The malai chicken tikka (AED 70.00)
3. The Tamilian fish curry (AED 120.00)                              4. The chocolate pot (AED 55.00)
5. The spiced tequilla


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