An early birthday dinner at Claw BBQ, Souk Al Bahar

We recently made a dinner reservation at Claw BBQ and one of the nicer things happened: They sent an SMS to confirm our reservation. I know, I know it's not a big thing but for me it's the small details that matter.

Our drinks - refreshing and so good! 

We dined here on a weekday - however with the music and lively crowd it felt like a Thursday night (I wouldn't recommend this place for a quiet romantic date!) 

Our server for the night Donavin was quick on service and really friendly to talk to. He recommended we try the jumbo prawns - which are batter fried and dipped in hot and spicy sauce prior to serving. This basket of 5 shrimps was absolutely remarkable although a tad bit spicy the flavour really packed a punch. 


J was really interested to try the stuffed claw which reminded us of siting on a beach in Goa eating these. Flavour yet no spice, perfect for those who don't love spicy food. 

For our mains we decided to go ahead and order the 8 hour slow cooked and hand pulled juicy pork shoulder sandwhich and a Texas beef brisket yet somehow knowing that we were in a restaurant that served good seafood, I wanted that seafood! Luckily Iva steered me in the right direction and I ordered the King crab bucket.

Getting ready for the crab! 


I can't stress enough how amazing this dish was, huge portions of chunky crab served with sides of potato and grilled corn and a rich butter sauce. For this dish alone I would rate the restaurant a 5 on 5, although a bit on the pricey side this dish is really worth the penny. (A much better experience that Mr Crab in Barsha for sure!) 

Our end to a full-filling meal :)

A special thanks has to be mentioned to Donavin who was our server for the evening and was so lively and kept suggesting items for us to try. I wished however there were more servers on the floor since it was a packed night. And ofcourse it's due to Iva's suggestion that I got to try some amazing crab :)

The Random loves: 

1. The jumbo prawns (AED 85.00)                                            2. Stuffed Claw (AED 85.00)
  3.  King crab bucket (AED 330.00)                                                                                           


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