A zero fat burger, would you try it?

Recently I was invited to try the burgers from Burger hood at the Wasl Vita mall (behind City walk). After reading the menu online (the menu online isn't updated)  I was quite excited to try the Cowboy burger. 

Upon arriving we noticed the mall, which is quite new, has very little crowd. I think this also has to do with the Ramadan season being on, I guess the restaurants start buzzing after 9 pm.


         The juices we ordered were fresh, however Al wasn't a big fan of the Lemon mint.
         I absolutely loved my orange juice.


For the starters we poked a bit at everything, cheesy fries made with Russet Potato (absolutely delicious), sweet potato fries - which I normally would pass but these are really nice light and crispy. The onion rings - sadly a miss. With a bit too much oil, this was something which we would skip the next time. 

Coming to the meat of this review (literally), Mr Mutassim suggested we try their new Zero Fat Burger. Normally Zero fat also means zero flavour, thankfully that's not the case in Burger hood. The burger was absolutely delicious, light yet filling, I especially loved the tender juicy meat. 

The Zero Fat Burger

 I also loved the Cowboy burger, can you see that beef bacon? Delicious!
The cowboy burger - my second favorite burger of the night. 
         Al loved and finished his Burgerhood burger, the side of coleslaw was so refreshing. 

We also tried the breaded chicken  burger which was sadly the same batter as the onion rings and hence wasn't to our liking. 

Overall, from friendly service (this too is part of the Glee Hospitality) to quality beef, all being only grass fed and the option of Waygu as well we loved Burger hood. 

                                                   What's your favourite burger joint? 


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