Thai dinner at The Royal Budha, Holiday Inn

I believe food has the power to bring people closer together, my fondest memories of food are sitting around a table and talking while we ate. It's great when you start talking over a meal and people share how they found out they're allergic to something and the stories surrounding it or the reason they don't eat a particular food. Food breaks barriers. 

Food can make people share stories of the same dish they had but maybe in another country or the first time they tasted something new. Food is relateable. Everyone has some memory of a food experience even if we aren't all foodies. 

Through my food adventures I've been lucky to meet others who love food just as much as me, not just because of  eating a dish but because of the entire dining experience that goes into dining. 

One such friend is Lisa
Lisa and me love food, we love to talk about food and share food stories and our conversations have a lot of food pics shared between us. 

Recently Lisa and me were invited to dine at Royal Budha in Holiday Inn Barsha and we were quite excited, our first dinner together. We had been planning for weeks! 


For the starters we opted for the Kohong Wang Ruam (which is a mix of prawn cakes, chicken satay, vegetable spring roll and the purple flower chicken dumpling). a perfect sharing for two - maybe even three people. Highly recommended if someone hasn't tried Thai cuisine before,  a perfect sampler starter.  

                        Chor Moung

We loved the prawn cakes (a must try)  and vegetable spring roll and the chicken satay. A slight miss was the chicken dumpling, it was a bit chewy and after seeing the pictures on Instagram, it was a bit of a let down. 

 With refreshing ice tea's and our starters done we were already quite full. So for the mains we decided to try the steamed seafood mix in a young coconut, served with steamed jasmine rice. Easily enough for 3 people. 

Roberto, the friendly restaurant manager, then suggested we also try the prawns cooked in a wok fry style. His suggestion was spot on, these were absolutely delicious and served in a thick coconut based gravy. So far their prawn dishes were over-exceptional. 

Kudos to the chef and team, this dish was amazing.

We ended our evening with a deep fried banana dessert topped with honey and vanilla ice-cream. 
A great lunch dessert option before stepping back out into the heat. 

Their menu can be found here: and a list of their offers can be found here:

                                                    What's your go to place for Thai food? 


  1. Ooh! Namrata went here this week and she loved it. Her review coming up later this month :)

  2. omg this is making my mouth water!!! Im so hungry right now :-(

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