My #recke experience

A while back I was invited to the launch event of Recke Multi cooker  from Mc Collins Media and they were nice enough to give each of the bloggers a multi cooker to try as well. 


I've been using mine for a while now (thank God they gave us a +250 recipe cook book as well) and I'm really pleased with the results. I remember one of the lines told to us at the event was: with the luxury of the timer you won't have to keep going back every 10 minutes to re-stir and keep checking on the food. There were absolutely right as I cooked my chicken for 30 minutes, I just sat back read a book and checked on it after 25 minutes. 

I was even able to steam cook stuffed bell papers with spiced meat and make egg plant boats with spiced meats in this. 


                           Just a little bit of sauteing and the veggies were cooked quite quick.

                                                       Add some masala and voila!

The end result was a delicious brinjal "egg plant" boat, topped with spiced meat sauteed in crunchy onions and juicy tomatoes and fragrant coriander leaves sprinkled over.

Have you used a multi cooker as yet? Do you also find it easier? 


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