Lunch at Rasoi Ghar, Karama

We were recently invited along with other food bloggers to lunch at Rasoi Ghar, the concept is very similar to Rajdhani (used to be in Bur Dubai) and Maharaj Bhog. 

What I really liked about Rasoi ghar is they're seating arrangements, Eman was there as well and very kindly offered us space at her table. We were immediately served our starter platter - a very crisp and tasty samosa, dhokla and a dahi wada. You can request for as many portions as you like, but since their focus is less wastage the initial serving is just one. 

I think everyone at the table really loved this concept, being food bloggers it makes us quite sad to see the amount of food that goes into waste, so its great that Rasoi Ghar is trying to keep the wastage to a minimum. 

The menu keeps changing daily and can be found on their facebook page, but a general idea would be a dal, chapatti, tiny poori (gosh these were my favourite) and a variety of veg dishes. I love the shahi paneer served in a red paste thin gravy and the channa. 

For the dessert, the Aam Ras (almost like mango juice) was so refreshing - my nephew gobbled down 2 bowls of this and with the friendly waiters I think they would have kept giving him more! 

The Aam Ras is really perfect for this summer heat. My guilty pleasure was the kesri malpua. 

 So good. 


  1. Why are people so nice, no seriously thank you so much for the mention,I loved the shahi paneer too!


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