Iftar menu tasting at Seven Sands

So this was my first pre Ramadan invite this year and I first need to talk about the location and the view. What a view, I'm sure it will be a hit in the cooler months. 


Ok coming back. Along with some of my favourite food bloggers, J and me were invited to try the new Ramadan menu at Seven Sands. 

We were first shown around the property and its really the perfect place for some sheesha and some grilled meats. 

We started our dinner with a rich lentil soup, always my favourite.

We then went onto the starters, the baked kibbeh was the table favourite: crunch and not oily this was absolutely delicious!


For the mains we had the shrimp fouga, a must try dish. Perfectly cooked shrimps and a pinch of saffron made the rice absolutely fragrant and delicious. 

I wished however if they would have swapped the other rice with maybe some grilled meat or other meat dish. 

For the dessert we had the Umm ali which was J's favourite, fragrant and light. I preferred the aseeda bobar (pumpkin puree) served warm which was an absolute delight. Not too heavy and sharp clean flavours from the cardamon and saffron.

Their menu can be found here: http://sevensandsrestaurant.com/En/Pages/the-menu.


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