A truly molecular gastronomy evening at Tresind, Radisson Royal Hotel

At the beginning of this month I was invited by Zomato to try out the Ramadan Menu at Tresind, Radisson Royal Hotel. 


The ambiance of Tresind is that of sophistication and class. Walking in we knew the food too would be at par. 

There was one item on their menu I was very excited to try: the deconstructed pani puri. I'm a huge fan of pani puri, Pani puri over counters here in Dubai or from a street vendor in Mumbai. I simply love pani puri. 

Here however Pani Puri was served on a spoon, a bubble of coriander water topped with sweet tamarind gel and crunchy boondi. Afterall the restaurant is famous for their use of molecular gastronomy. I was amazed. The mini explosion of flavour that bursts as soon as you bite into it. Although this item isn't on their Ramadan Menu it's an absolute must try.

Deconstructed pani puri
 We then moved onto the date candy, the highlight: you could eat the wrapper too!    

We then had the honour of having Chef Himanshu come to our table to show us how the modernist chaat trolley was arranged, this dish too isn't on the Ramadan menu but its a delight to see how this dish is platted up, the end result: crispy chaat packed with flavour.



Modernist chaat trolley

The sweet potato sambosak barrels, guava guacamole and crispy okra was absolutely delicious, not deep fried in oil like a usual samosa and a healthier alternative with sweet potato. The highlight for me was the crisp okra - so delicious!

A hit with all the meat lovers on the table was the tandoori lamg leg raan, although it was good, this one didn't stand out to me. I'm sure others on the table would dis-agree, they loved it. 

Tandoori lamb leg "raan"

Next up was the freshly baked Brazilian sfiha, spiced harees, topped with feta and arugula salad. The saltiness of the feta blended well with the spiced harees.

The palette cleanser served in between courses was divine. 
Palette cleanser: Khandvi sorbet

A different take on your general burger is the smoked squid ramen placed in a zatar pao and kimchi labneh. Different and very filling. 

Another twist on a general classic was the rice noddle chicken biryani served instead of a classic chicken biryani.  Although this was too spicy for me (the staff was even nice enough to offer me a replacement dish) the little I had of it was outstanding. Also did I mention it was served with Biryani papad! 

                                      We then moved onto our last course: desserts! 

We were served baked cheesecake topped with shredded baklava pastry, faluda with date cream and my personal favourite (which isn't on their Ramadan menu) the daulat ki chaat, sohn papdi crumble and 24 carat gold dust. 

Baked cheesecake topped with shredded baklava pastry

Faluda with date cream
daulat ki chaat, sohn papdi crumble and 24 carat gold dust.
This dish was a table favourite with the dessert just melting in our mouth's, hands down this was the dish that stole the show. 

Although this wasn't even part of our Zomato menu, Kevin from Tresind was nice enough to get us the famous paan cotton candy. Needless to say it was a crowd-pleaser and a must try! 

We ended the evening with Chef Tarun platting for us the deconstructed black forest cake. Taste wise it was just as good as a black forest cake but the platting up is great to see. Perfect for a birthday celebration as well. 


Deconstructed black forest cake
I think its fair to say the team at Tresind really spoilt us at this Zomato meet up, with Tresind showcasing all their show stoppers (Im sure there's still a few more hidden!) and making sure we were very well taken care of! 

All the bloggers with Chef Himanshu
Be sure to try their Ramadan menu and I would also suggest if your unsure what to order try the Chef's menu. 


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