There are Friday brunches and then there was Feast.

Now with a heading like that I may have set the bar too high, but its not my fault, that's just exactly what I felt walking into Sheraton Grand Hotel.

I've attended a lot of Friday brunches in Dubai, but never have I walked into a hotel with the ground floor hustling and bustling with guests as we did when M and me walked into Sheraton.


One thing you should note Feast isn't your typical brunch with a live cooking station and a fresh seafood selection. Feast covers these aspects as well but that isn't what the brunch is about, the brunch pushes you to try new things, edible martini's, a lamb 26, fresh oysters mixed with red wine, duck congee with sous vide poached egg, with the comfort of your usual treats as well, a beef wellington, sushi, grilled meats, chicken satay's and dim-sums! (Note I've still barely covered less than half the items served here)


We started being true to our Asian roots with a mix of dim-sums, sushi, prawn crackers and chicken satay. I loved the peanut sauce served with this. Also an edible martini.


I must admit more than M, I was more skeptical of an edible martini, the below was actually her choice - turns out I loved it more!


These are some of their edible fusions - what would you try?

• Smoked salmon and cucumber infused in citrus vodka with lemon and dill.
• Pastrami duck & compressed apple infused in kurrent vodka with brambles & mint.
• Tiger prawn & mango infused in pepper vodka with chili, lemongrass & ginger.

We then moved unto the fresh seafood selection, the crab legs was the winner for me.


As we dined on, I was in celebrity awe really when Chef Webster came over to tell us to try one of Feast's signature dishes: The duck con-gee with sous vide poached egg. Egg is not my favorite ingredient yet this dish was absolutely impeccable. We had to go back for another bowl.


                                                                  The lamb - oh the lamb. 

Let me start by saying I'm not a big fan of lamb, the only other time I really enjoyed lamb was at Per te.

 But seeing Chef Saradhi Dakara plate up for another customer we couldn't help but ask what lamb 26 was all about, instantly he began to explain how the lamb was prepared 3 ways and the 23 accompaniments including crispy eggplant (my favorite), apricot, a basil yogurt bubble - so unique!, lemon and mint based gel, truffle snow and slow roasted tomato, each accompaniment added a different element to the dish but we also just loved how well cooked the lamb was! Tender and so easy to pull apart, any non-lamb lover (like me) would love this dish! 

Chef Saradhi Dakara plating the #lamb26

Some of our other favorites included the beef wellington 


The grill meats station, sadly the meat was overdone, and the sushi counter:  


The variety of bread and of-course Camembert cheese - 

The dessert section is out-standing, I haven't mentioned it anywhere earlier as it deserves a separate mention, heck it deserves its own review!

As soon as we walked in and saw the dessert counter, instantly we knew we needed to keep a little extra space for dessert.

Where do I start: a donut tree, cold chocolate shots on ice, chocolate fountains, gummy bears, a chocolate covered cherry tree, cupcakes, cheesecakes, mille feuille, it goes on really.

Mille Feuille - one of my personal favourites



Did I mention that there was an instant "make your own ice-cream lollipop bar"? Reading that was one of the points I got most excited for when I received an invite from Sheraton. I ate a few (ok 4, I had 4!) of these and they were the perfect melt in your mouth ending to our feast.


The brunch is priced at AED 295.00 with soft drinks and AED 395.00 including house beverages.

Think I was the only one who loved this feast, read more from food blogger's She said She said. 


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