The terrace: A perfect chill out zone (even in summer!)

It's May and well its summer so when my friends and I decided we wanted sheesha, drinks and a place to chill out at I wasn't sure (with the current humidity) where to go. 

Luckily with a little help from twitter, we were introduced to The terrace at Media Rotana. 


Knowing it was open air, I was expecting hot, it was quite the opposite actually, AC'S setup after every two tables - we were quite comfortable. 

We started our evening with the Lychee Mojito - an absolute must try. Sweet yet packs a punch. A perfect summer drink. (I later on also ordered the orange vodka mojito - just as good!)


For the starters, we ordered the calamari and chicken satay. The chicken satay was a tad bit over cooked but the calamari was absolutely perfect. We were also served a complimentary plate of jalpeno cheese bombers and vegetable spring rolls. I'm not a huge fan of spice but these were amazing. Cheesy and crunchy. 

Our mexican drink 
 For dinner since we were quite full with the starters we only ordered the Nasi goreng and the Sheesh tawook. The nasi goreng was really nice and oddly went really well with sheesh tawook.


Another absolute must try is the terrace blossom. 

 But what we all liked from The terrace wasn't only great service, (Yogesh really took care of us the entire evening) good food and unique cocktails, we really just enjoyed the chilled out atmosphere and I think a lot of Dubai does too since for a Friday evening the restaurant was packed. 

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  1. Just wondering if they serve a reasonably priced sheesha for a novice?

  2. Al Fakher double mint flavor shisha available here?


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