Surf and Turf Samba at Mistral, Movenpick IBN Battuta Gate Hotel

When we were invited to try the newly launched "Surf and Turf" samba at Mistral I wasn't really sure what to expect, I knew surf and turf was involved (clearly) but samba left me a bit confused. 

As soon as I sat down at Mistral it started to make sense.

Colourful tablecloths, pinata hanging from the ceiling, and I even think I saw a waiter in sombrero! The samba was starting to make sense.

As we were being shown around J had to stop when he saw this: this was what he'd been looking forward to the entire week. Fresh oysters, tiger prawns, mussels and crab. I went straight for the sushi. Perfectly done.


A great concept that was used in Moroc and worked very well there also was to choose from a huge variety of meats and seafood, grilled just the way you liked with sauces and accompaniments all easily available if required.


The sea food consisted of nile perch, lobster, tiger prawns and mussels. The meat section consisted of lamb chops, rib eye, sojuk, chicken wings and much much more.

                      From the bread selection, we loved the Kraft corn rolls. Different. 


Variety of cheese as well.
           But the favorite part of my meal was on the other-side of the counter: the taco's!

Oh the joy of watching your taco made infront of you: I opted for just chicken which was the base for the taco, there was also the option of beef, seafood and corned beef.


What I loved was the variety of toppings available, sweet corn, jalapeno's, guacamole, green tomato salsa and mango salsa, it was a beautiful mix of colours and flavours. Ofcourse the crowd favourite being cheese and sour cream.

The final product
                                        The same concept was also available for the nacho's.

We ended the evening with the dessert but my favorite had to be the Movenpick ice-cream which we last had at  Movenpick's JBR 5th anniversary bash. The caramel still being my favourite.

Caramel Movenpick ice cream
For a more Mexican feel there was Empada de manzana and churros. However I'd wish the churros were a bit more thinner and maybe sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon as well.

Empada de manzan
Toppings for churros

Hazelnut chocolate creamaux sponge
Service as always was friendly and warm, with our server clearing our plates within seconds after we left the table. Polite and all smiles we'd like to thank the staff for looking after us.

The movenpick mango sorbet icecream

More pie. 
           As signature we ended our meal with a cafe latte, perfect for the long drive home.


  1. Looks yummy! Seafood, taco station, salsa bar, churros... Getting hungry!!


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