Paavo's Pizza: Your pizza in 5 minutes!

We first saw Paavo's Pizza since it was located nearby to our place, its always great when restaurant's open up nearby (an excuse for us to sit at home and order in!)


We later on recieved an invite to the opening of Paavo's pizza which was really well planned, the focus of the evening was really one thing: the pizza!

the baked potato waffle
I was lost for choice and so tweeted for flavour options: Jasmine recommended the BBQ pizza and she was right it was delicious. What I liked about their pizza was that I didn't feel like I was eating a lot of bread, great sauce, fresh veggies and succulent chicken. The BBQ pizza is a must try. (we forgot to take a pic of the BBQ pizza - it was just gobbled!)


The concept of Pavvo's pizza is really on their tag line #pizzayourway #in5minutes and I really like that concept. The idea of ordering a pizza, filling up on fuel and coming to take your pizza seems great to me since everyone in Dubai is always in a rush. J also ordered a #pizzayouway which is really your own toppings pizza - the meat was delicious! 


The dessert options are also really nice, I tried a chocolate pizza for the first time and it was really nice. The bananna and strawberries on top all mixed with chocolate - fantastic! 

Paavo's pizza can be found on the below links as well, do give them a try and let me know what you think! 

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