A new style of brunch: Cafe Belge, Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton doesn't really need an introduction, anyone who is anyone knows about their standards and service but I must share walking into the Ritz Carlton, DIFC was a bit over-whelming: Beautiful staircase, gorgeous lighting, a tree made from recycled books, and friendly staff. 

We were welcomed by the friendly Cristine who showed us to our table, I was surprised that Cafe Belge had quite a large seating arrangement. Quite packed for a Friday brunch. 

We started our brunch with Volli white wine which went perfectly well with the sea food platter. 


If you're a bit of an adventurous eater (I found out that day I was not) you like J will love this platter. Fresh Lobster, Tiger prawns, crab, snails, oysters a dream come true for a seafood lover like J.  

Loved the lobster
 For the starters, I was an ardent lover of the aspargus a la flamande "modern" - a fried poached egg with lemon butter espuma and asparagus. I'm not even a fan of asparagus but this dish was so good it made a second appearance during our main course too!

J loved the duck rillettes topped with a honey       mustard dressing. different and served with sweet bread.

For the mains, Neyein our server suggested the vegetable tartlet which turned out to be the table favourite, perfect con-fit tomato and juicy sides of egg plant, if I wasn't upto the brim I'd order another round of this dish. I was happy we listened to Neyein. 

J loved the mini waygu burgers and the rare beef chateaurbriand. I preferred the creamed potatoes and the salmon with white wine (we gobbled that up before we even got to take a pic! ) 

Alex then wooed us over with his signature cocktail - the mamma mia!  A must try. 

From the dessert selection, J and I loved the Belgian waffles. Soft and topped with rich chocolate, a sweet ending to a very diversified brunch. 


As tradition holds, I ended the meal with a cafe latte and J with a refreshing peppermint tea. 

I should mention the selection of beers available here were some of the best J has had, I'm not a beer drinker so I can't vouch for that but hey the place is called Cafe Belge

A special mention has to be given to our server Neyein who made sure we were always served on time. The credit for the relaxing ambiance has to go the amazing live band and the jazz player, but what I loved the most was the layout of the restaurant: less lighting, low ceiling fans and open windows. Although this was an invite we will definitely be back, next time to sit outside and try the sheesha.  

The Friday brunch is priced at AED 295.00 with soft beverages and AED 395.00 for selective beverages. 


  1. It all looks sooo beautiful! I guess you wouldn't expect anything less from the Ritz!

  2. Yes so classy and even quite affordable :)


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