What's all the fuss about? Check out rice creamery in City walk

We visited Rice creamery last week since we've been hearing a lot of people rave about this place for awhile now, Rice creamery is located in City walk and is famous well obviously for its rice pudding like desserts. A thicker version of a kheer to most Indians. 


Back up of their toppings! 
But rice creamery doesn't offer the usual kheer options, with over 21+ plus flavors that they try to keep changing regularly (keeping the favorites still on) we were lost for choice. Luckily the friendly staff who assisted us (and kept letting us taste everything) and with a little help from tweeting I decided to have a mix of their new white chocolate flavor and cinnamon sin. I absolutely loved the cinnamon sin and it didn't even need a topping! The white chocolate went well with the crushed malteasers. 

My mix of two flavours - white chocolate and cinnamon 
More topping to choose from! 
The sizes of the servings 
               J opted for the pistachio flavor with kunafa topping - I loved it even without the topping. 

More topics to choose from. 

The small size is AED 18.00, medium AED 23.00 and large 90.00

Rice creamery is a part of GLEE Hospitality Solutions which have opened numerous restaurants, and are now introducing their experience and knowledge to the UAE marketplace in prime locations with a focus on exciting menus, fresh ingredients, contemporary design elements, and a well-trained, amicable, and approachable staff.


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