Looking for a Thai experience on a budget? Dine at Zen!

The owner of Zen invited us to try out the restaurant a few weeks ago, we finally made it over last week and I'm sure glad we did. 

First impressions: The restaurant is good for dine in (4 to a table) for smaller groups and is famously known for its takeaways. Wooden tables, perfect lighting and the aroma of thai food we were now ready for some dinner! 

For starters I need to stress how much of a must try this dish is - the lettuce wraps. 

Lettuce wraps
I decided to try it after reading about Pebubbles experience and the taste of the minced chicken placed on a pocket of lettuce topped with crunch noodles - a healthy and perfect dish. 

Another favourite was the salt and pepper prawns, crispy on the outside yet not over-battered, another plate could have easily been ordered. 

Salt and pepper prawns

                                                                                                                   The refreshing tom yum soup. 
Nicky was nice enough to show us the noodles and let us choose what we would like to be freshly prepared and this is what we ended up with this - the singapore chow mei fun (thin vermicelli noodles) 

   Fresh hot noodles 
                                   Another table favorite was the crispy shredded beef. ,

            The Paneng (a rich Thai coconut curry ) sealed the deal for our Thai taste buds, creamy rich                  and served with jasmine rice.

Crispy peking duck 

We ended our evening with two desserts - the sticky rice and mango and the tap tim crob (cold coconut milk) with fresh pieces of jack fruit and water chestnuts. 


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