A mix of Asia, our dinner at the Arabesque Cafe - Arjaan by Rotana

Oh the joy of making your own pani puri! 

Sorry for the abrupt start to this review but that's all I could think about after we dined at Arabesque Cafe - the make your own pani puri counter was heaven for me. We had two (I lie it was three) plates full of this! 

The starter selection was a mix of everything - chicken and pineapple salad, fresh soups, fried prawn gold bags and crispy papad 


The soup served that evening was very fresh - perfect for a cold night out like last week after the sandstorm.
The hot soup and fresh bread selection. 
I loved the roast beef - so tender and oddly enough went well with the fried rice, a perfect mix for the asian night.

The usual suspects for an asian night were served, prawns in sweet and sour sauce, mixed noodles and even a pasta (not too sure how that fit in) but the highlight of the evening was their dessert counter.

Hot gulab jamuns, perfect creme brulee , mini-cheesecakes, galebi's and fresh fruits. I'll let teh pictures do the talking.


            This was my favourite the cream puffs - fresh, light and full of creamy delight!

Arjaan by Rotana has a themed night for 6 days during the week, more details on their website here: http://www.rotanatimes.com/arjaanbyrotanadubaimediacity/offers/10059


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