Our Abu Dhabi getaway (Part 3) : Brunch at Lemon and lime brunch, Westin AUH



I was not a huge fun of Martini's until this brunch - this brunch has made me fall in love with Martini's!


The secret of this brunch is really in the mix of the martini's and the food, a special thanks has to be given to the bartenders for mixing up some of the best concoctions I've ever had. Let me give you a few examples - (the rasberrytini was my favourite)

1. Mangotini - a fresh mix of mango, tequilla and a dash lime.
2. Rasberrytini - Vodka, raspberry and a dash of lime.



Each of these mixes paired with a different item brought out a different taste from the dish as well, the peppery pineappletini went well with the moist semi-sweet prawn dimsums from the Chinese counter.

The pairing of espresso martini with the very fresh oysters made J go back for a second round as well!



The Westin Abu Dhabi has definitely put a lot of work into this brunch, not serving a huge variety of dishes however focussing their energy on serving the very best of their dishes, easily visible that a lot of time and care has been taken into getting this setup done absolutely perfectly.

Unsurprisingly my favorite counter was the Asian one - with prawn tempura, fresh dimsums with dips of spicy sauce and crispy wontons.


 At the carving station, we found the Beef Wellington - it was instant love for J as soon as the slick  knife cut into the tender layers of our beef. Paired with a creamy mash, this was his favourie part of  the meal.

I found myself stop in awe (salvate really) at the dessert section, chocolate mousse, tiramisu and many other treats left me wanting..nothing really. I was in chocolate heaven and you will be too - after you try out the Lemon and Lime brunch. 


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