A mini vacation to Thailand - our trip to Benjarong in Dusit Thani

Firstly I have to admit I've recently been under the weather (for a 2 good 2 weeks now!) so I'm lucky I got to experience Benjarong before all the flu's kicked in! 

Let me begin with an amazing little fact I only discovered while dining at Benjarong in Dusit Thani - the building is shaped to resemble the Wai - a form of Thai greeting.

But let's get to the point - The food! Here is a glimpse of what the night held for us: 

Shrimp cakes served with a sweet plum sauce - Tord Mun Goong

The perfect light glass noodle salad - Yum Woon Sen
The shrimp cakes and the glass noddle salad were definitely the highlights of our dinner and an absolute must try if you dine at Benjarong.

 We also tried the "Khong wang ruammit benjarong" which is an assortment of their 5 types of appetizers. Perfect for a group of 2-3 people and a perfect starter kit to Thai food really.  

My perfect bowl of medium spicy - Tom yum soup

By this point we were too full ..for anything really but then it arrived - the hot bowl of aromatic red curry. This alone satisfied all my Thai cravings (ok maybe this and the prawn crackers)


We ended our night with the Khao neaw mamuang - simply sticky sweet rice served with fresh mango. A perfect ending to our Thai experience.


 After :) 

Before calling it a night, we quickly went over to Pax - The Italian restaurant at Dusit and here's the view we got, I can see why this place is quite sought after during New years - perfect view to the Burj  Khalifa's fire works! 


  1. Great review, the place looks interesting but I hope you feel better...


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