Sprüngli Boutique and Café, Dubai

Tucked away in the Village mall is a cafe that serves some of the best chocolates that Switzerland has to offer. Sprüngli Boutique and Café  (being the first of its kind located outside Switzerland) offers a huge selection of truffles, pralines and macarons, which will leave you staring at their glass in a daze for a few minutes.

Since we were here on an invitation through the recommendation of Zomato, H and I opted for the cafe latte and hot chocolate. The rest was quickly taken care of by Patricia who served us some of the best of what Sprüngli had to offer (more on that later). 



Without a second glance, H and I knew that we wanted to (had to) start with the airy Luxemburgerli (macarons) and what a fantastic way to start off the evening! Bite size, light and a happy explosion of flavour - perfection. The chocolate and the caramel were my favourite, but I'd really like to try their Cuba deluxe and champagne gold. 

Let me give you a bit of history: A Luxemburgerli is a macaron comprising two disks of almond meringue with a buttercream filling.Luxemburgerli are smaller and lighter than macarons from many other vendors. It is said to be lighter and more airy in consistency. Luxemburgerli were invented by the confectioner Camille Studer who brought the recipe to Zürich after creating them in a Luxembourg confectionery shop (Confiserie Namur) in 1957. There, the recipe was refined for a confectionery contest. The name Luxemburgerli is derived from the nickname which a colleague bestowed on Studer, whose family originated in Luxembourg. Source: Wikipedia 


Their pastry section left us wanting more even before we had finished the portion, my favourite was the chocolate and orange concoction. 

The pralines and truffle served on a two-tier tray just sat there teasing us - choice was almost impossible! My favourite was this, the simple wafer chocolate with chocolate (not over-powering) yet rich chocolate. 


               Of Course there were many more options, what would have been your favourite? 





Great conversations with Patricia and H, hot coffee and some of the best chocolate treats Switzerland had to offer - our evening was perfect, to say the least. 

Note: Although review was on a complimentary basis, views and opinions are our own
                 : Special thanks to H  for the pictures :) 


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