My obsession with taco's continues - Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Off late I've started to really like taco's - like really like them! I think it started after I tasted the lobster taco's from O cacti - delicious! 

So I was quite excited when I heard that Taqado have a small place at Kite beach. With the Beach canteen in full swing - we decided to check it out one evening (they are open till 9pm) 

                                       I was here for one thing only: TACO'S 

The procedure as such is very simple - choose taco, choose one of the fillings: chicken, steak and even my favourite the guacamole. 

                                    And voila your very own taco box! (AED 28/- for the 3 taco's)

The taco's shelled are fresh and crackle as soon as you bite in them, the chicken pieces are quite chunky and hence make the meal quite filling. The guacamole filling was my favourite which had a fresh zesty flavour, the sour cream holding it all together and adding an acidic touch to the taco. 

We ended our meal with the churros (for AED 15/-) which sadly I didn't feel lived up to the original churros. 



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