African - steakhouse? Yes please!

I first heard of Jambo's grill from Foo diva's website - in July - last year! And yes it was worth wait. 


To be honest reading the menu on Zomato before we walked in I couldn't understand much, Steakhouse? African?  A new concept - at least to me. 


My friends having dined here before, vouched the place was worth it and the food = fabulous! 

We started our evening with 6 Peri Peri wings and a round of fresh juices/cocktails, a chicken sheesh and masala fries. 

The peri peri should have made us link it to the Nando's peri peri, which should have made us link it to spice. Sadly no connection was made here. Only once the wings arrived and we indulged in them did the spice slowly seep down our throats. 

A lot of coughing and "bring me some water" was immediately heard! The waiter immediately asked if he could bring us out some curd (to cool the throat)
*If you like spicy food, you will love this dish. There is also an option to opt for less spice.  


From then on it was smooth sailing, we steered clear of anything that said spice. 

The chicken sheesh was fabulous and had a nice char-grilled taste, the mishaki was another must try - tender pieces of beef fillet, each bite oozing with the juices and tenderness of the meat. 

The baked fries - a must try! 
 The service is really friendly and we genuinely felt looked after by our waiter, something one rarely finds in Dubai. 


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