Hidden gem: Cafe Aisha, International City

I don't normally venture towards International city side, its mostly just for shopping at Dragon mart, but a kind invite from Cafe Aisha pulled me to this restaurant on a weekday.


I must say now at the start itself I maybe a little biased but that's only because we had such a lovely chat with the owner prior to the dinner, it was so nice to know that this is a family run business and that the recipe's have been passed down from the owner's mom! I'll always be a fan of small family run businesses.


We started first with the kabab paratha roll and the steak and cheese roll, as you can see there is no picture of the kabal roll simply because it got over within a few minutes of it being placed at the table.

The beef kabab was absolutely outstanding - meat infused with spices and oozing with flavour at each bite. Quite a good deal too - simply priced at AED 12/-

The steak and cheese (with no relation to karachi street food) is the perfect alternative if spicy rolls aren't your thing. The gooey cheese compliments the perfectly marinated steak quite well. A perfect lunch option - maybe even with some masala fries!

We then opted to try the shami kabab, which lacked a bit of salt, but went very well with their famous biryani's. 

Please excuse the poor quality of the beef biryani picture - the taste on the other hand is something you should try for yourself. A very obvious handful of spices added in, but not taking away from the goodness and freshness of the the beef . J  and N (who love biryani and spicy food)  finished this one up between the two of them, yes to the very last grain of rice. 



The chicken biryani was left for G and me which we happily completed, since although it lacked spice (like we requested) it didn't lack flavour and it went perfectly well with some well seasoned potatoes.

Now coming to the desserts, I couldn't  really indulge in the gola ganda since I had a bit of cold but J really seized the occasion and finished the entire gola ganda all by himself! 

The lowdown -

Beef dum biryani: AED 18/-
Chicken dum biryani: AED 16/-  
2 X Gola ganda: AED 12/-
Shami Kabab: AED 10/-
Kabab paratha roll: AED 12/-
Steak and cheese roll: AED 14/- 


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